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Ibadi isn't just a brand; it's a journey through the realms of exquisite fragrances.



For over two decades, we have immersed ourselves in the art of perfumery, nurturing our passion and refining our craft to an unparalleled level. Our commitment to creating scents that transcend the ordinary has earned us the reputation of being true connoisseurs of fine fragrances.

Perfumery is an art form that requires dedication, precision, and a deep connection to the senses. At Ibadi, we have indulged in this pleasure persistently for two long decades. This devotion has not only honed our skills but has also given us a profound understanding of the intricacies of scent composition. Each fragrance we create is a result of this intimate relationship with perfumery – a blend of creativity, science, and passion that transforms into magic within a bottle.

Our journey in perfumery has enabled us to curate signature scents that can only be described as magical. These scents are more than just fragrances; they are captivating stories told through carefully selected notes. With every spray, you embark on a sensory journey that unfolds uniquely for each individual. The fusion of top, heart, and base notes creates harmonies that resonate deeply, leaving an indelible mark on your memories.



The embrace of the GCC has been a heartwarming affirmation of our commitment to excellence. The diverse cultures and discerning tastes within the region have presented us with a canvas to showcase our versatility. From the bustling markets of Dubai to the serene landscapes of Oman, our fragrances have found a home in the hearts of those who appreciate the finer things in life. The GCC's appreciation for our creations has inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of fragrance craftsmanship.

Ibadi Perfumes prides itself on its ability to curate signature fragrances that are simply magical. With over two decades of experience in the art of perfumery, we have established ourselves as connoisseurs of high-quality fragrances.

We began from a familial background that has a rich and profound exposure to myriads of businesses. Hotel & Hospitality businesses in South India and an actively run business in Qatar etc. Stand testimony to the same. But redirecting ourselves to follow a breeze that touched and stroked exhilarating scents was a matter of blissful passion.